Albany Therapeutic Massage Clinic

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Albany, GA

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Imagine feeling the confident touch that comes from professionally trained therapists; strong hands releasing pain out of your aching muscles and the tissue letting go of holding patterns and tension. As muscles release, blood flows through the tissue, providing relief and that "ahhhh" moment when your massage therapist finds just the right spot.

Whether you are seeking stress relief, pain relief or physical therapy for injuries or chronic pain, our massage experts are professionally trained to customize a therapeutic session just for you. During your initial meeting, a therapist will review your needs, discuss an approach and provide treatment.

Since the patterns of our lives create stress and muscular conditions, it may take more than just one session. In a short time, you will notice improvements in physical mobility and vitality. When you remove pain, you regain your life!

Stress Relief Class

We are offering a class on Stress Relief, taught by Ina Williams.  The class will be held at Darton College on November 6th from 6 to 8 pm. The cost for the class is $45. For more information call 229-435-9008 or to register call Darton College at 229-317-6730.
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